Fine Art

Antonio de Cesare

Irony, Social Responsibility, Contamination, Communication are the four basic elements of the work of Antonio de Cesare.

Irony is at the base of his cultural formation and vision of the world, where nothing is sacred and untouchable. Irony is also the tool through which to express the issues of Social, Cultural and Political Commitment without becoming heavy.

To show his vision of contemporary facts and myths, Antonio de Cesare uses the iconic languages of the myths of the past, the world of cinema, comics and cartoons, realizing an unlimited source of Contamination.

The ultimate goal is the Communication with the spectator, an active involvement in the artwork fruition through the recognizability of well known themes, subjects and languages, ​​but expressed in an unexpected and surprising point of view.

© 2017 by Antonio de Cesare. All rights reserved.

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